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About Us

Our Philosophy

Aesthetic Health Philosophy

Aesthetic Health Philosophy offers a scientific, yet healthy holistic approach to medical aesthetics and anti-ageing with treatments focused on stimulating your own body’s powers of regeneration and repair. We combine advanced medical aesthetic science with anti-ageing medicine, treating the underlying cause rather than just ‘papering over cracks’ so you can attain natural looking, lasting results without appearing ‘worked on’.

This philosophy can be applied to a wide range of problems from teenage skin, to comprehensive anti-ageing for the face & body. The size and complexity of Treatment Programs are tailored to your individual needs; the simplest example being a skin health peel with skin-nourishing supplements, and a more complex example might involve extensive aesthetic injectables in combination with a comprehensive anti-ageing health plan.

Healthy ageing

We aim is to enable you to look and feel your best at every age and although the passage of time is inevitable, its effects on our bodies are amenable to management. Transitions in life place particular stress on our health, such as adolescence, pregnancy, menopause and major life events, and it is particularly helpful to approach these stages holistically.

When treating the ageing process we draw upon anti-ageing medicine because it helps us to understand the process of change and ageing, and it teaches us how to prevent, slow and reverse some negative effects. As time goes by, the production and repair of all our cells slows down and our bodies accumulate wear and tear that requires a little helps to be reversed. From our mid thirties, we might begin to feel the effects in our health and we certainly see the effects progressively in our skin. However while we accept that to keep our body healthy we need to put in some effort, we tend to neglect the health of our skin, the largest organ in our body.

Healthy Skin

Just like the rest of our bodies, our skin should be healthy, balanced and functioning to feel and look its best. Accelerated by sun-damage and lifestyle, the function and structure of our skin weakens, resulting in skin laxity, dullness, dehydration, wrinkles and loss of volume. In skin, this natural ageing is a combination of deteriorating circulation, slower repair and the production of less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. By reversing these changes, we treat the root cause of the unwanted signs we see in the skin. We work to rebuild skin structure and restore skin health. It is a bit like gym for your skin, work to get fit, and then work to maintain it. All ages can be treated but the intensity depends on your stage of life and general health. Before 35yr prevention is simpler, but from 40yrs onwards we work with increasing intensity.

Beneficial effects are cumulative so every bit you do will help.

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