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Pilates is a precise and intelligent approach to exercise, focusing on quality, control and ease of movement. The movements emphasise balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and body awareness. Strengthening the stabiliser muscles of the deep core helps to protect the back and improve spinal support. It greatly improves movement patterns and thereby general wellbeing by teaching us how to move different joints in isolation, especially the joints of the spine, shoulders and hips.

Pilates is sometimes referred to as 'the thinking person's exercise system' because it requires focus of both mind and body. By integrating body and mind, the exercises provide a whole body work out (working muscles we may have forgotten we have!), helping to develop understanding of how our bodies work and helping our minds and bodies to work in harmony, all of which has a positive effect on our everyday lives as we begin to move and function more easily.

Pilates Practitioners at Aesthetic Health

Mia Nielsen - HealthThroughMotion Pilates
HealthThroughMotion Pilates offer specialised one-to-one Pilates sessions focusing on achieving your goals. Whether you are looking for injury/illness rehab or prevention, enhanced athletic performance or pre/post natal exercise, the sessions will be tailored to your needs. We also offer group sessions where you will receive semi-private instruction in small groups, still benefitting from plenty of individual attention to your goals and needs.

Within the sessions, the Pilates repertoire will build your strength, develop correct alignment and posture, increase your flexibility and motor control as well as helping you to achieve a calm and relaxed mind. Because the exercises will be tailored to your individual aims and needs, you can experience all the remarkable benefits of Pilates regardless of your current level of fitness, age, or shape. This unique method will make everyday functional movements easier and greatly improve athletic performance by activating the brain, learning to move effectively and by integrating the nervous system to achieve results!

Mia Nielsen, certified Pilates instructor, Z-health Practitioner and Dance artist, is the co-founder of HealthThroughMotion Pilates and of MeshDance, a professional inclusive contemporary dance company for dancers with and without disabilities. After training with STOTT Pilates in both England and Canada and after years of practice of this effective method of exercise, Mia is very passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of Pilates with others.

Susanne Beale - Intelligent Pilates
Pilates is something everyone can benefit from. By offering small group and one-to-one Pilates teaching, Susanne is able to tailor the sessions to benefit the needs of the individual. The groups are made up of people who have come to Pilates for a range of reasons; rehabilitation from injury, referral from osteopaths/physiotherapists, mums of young children needing to strengthen from within or people of all ages with no specific injury or recurrent issue who simply want to maintain or develop their body's strength, mobility, alignment and functional movement.

Susanne Beale is a certified Pilates teacher trained with Modern Pilates and with a range of specialties. She has experience of working with many different people and loves working alongside individuals and seeing them change, both physically and mentally, as they take the holistic approach to exercise that Pilates allows.

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