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Muscle Balancing Injections (BOTOX)

Muscle Balancing Injections (BOTOX®)

Botulinum Toxin, often referred to as Botox®, is a naturally occurring highly purified protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It has been safely used in general medicine for two decades and in aesthetic medicine for one decade. When injected precisely in minute quantities as a cosmetic treatment to relax the superficial facial muscles it can:

  • soften excessive negative expression
  • reduce wrinkles
    (e.g. crow's feet, frown, forehead, cheek and lip lines)
  • lift the face and neck

At Aesthetic Health, our Botox® philosophy and treatment methods place great emphasis upon 'the natural look' and not just upon treating lines and wrinkles. We balance the 'tug of war' between the muscles that elevate and pull down different parts of the face. Our Botox® treatments aim to leave you looking subtly relaxed and refreshed, not frozen!

We tailor each treatment individually to suit your own muscles, skin and preferences. In general the direct effect of Botox® on muscles lasts from 4-6 months, although its positive effects may persist longer. It helps excessively strong muscles to 'break the habit' even after the treatment effects have worn off. We encourage skin health work in tandem with Botox® to ensure better long term results.


Botox® can also used to reduce profuse sweating from the armpits, palms and soles of the feet, a condition known as hyperhydrosis.


Botox® was licensed for the treatment of chronic migraine in July 2010. It is unclear exactly how it works to alleviate migraine but generally has a good effect after 1-2 treatments involving injections to the forehead, head and neck.

Treatments from £250


"I'm amazed at how quick, painless, relaxing and informative my first ever Botox experience was. Admittedly I've never really had a fear of needles, but the thought of being injected in my face filled me with apprehension.

Dr Sevi advised me of what would work, how my face had changed with age and what she could do to restore the youthful aspects without freezing my face and stopping me being able to express emotion. The most comforting part was the fact that I felt the whole experience was totally unique to me and there was real care and precision taken for my individual face.

Every detail about the procedure, aftercare and possible side effects were explained brilliantly and yes there are a lot of injections but I soon relaxed into it, knowing it was a means to an end.

Afterwards, I was extremely relaxed and just felt a dull sensation which was down to the numbing gel not the jabs. I had a couple of visible 'pin pricks' but these had vanished by the time I got home.

And the results? My face looks amazing, it's a better result than I expected. My skin is smooth and relaxed and yet I still have movement."

Botox first timer

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