NEW at Aesthetic Health – Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

31st May 2018
Recently, we have been very excited about expanding a number of services at Aesthetic Health Clinic, on Harrogate Road in Leeds. We can now confirm and are delighted to announce the arrival of Dr Hannah Watson to Aesthetic Health, enabling us to expand our Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) service for all of our patients. What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? Bioidentical hormones are 100% identical in chemical structure to our body’s natural hormones, and their benefits and effects can replicate our natural hormones very closely. For this reason, patients suffering with hormone deficiencies or imbalances can see great changes and improvements through Read more >

Aesthetic Health – Ultherapy Experts in the UK

30th May 2018
Our Founder and Clinical Director, Dr Julia Sevi, is a Global Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Merz and Ultherapy, and her innovative and effective approach to this treatment has placed her as one of the most respected speakers for Ultherapy trainers and practitioners all around the World. “In my opinion, Ultherapy is the best non-invasive facial and neck tightening procedure available today and the only one FDA cleared and clinically proven to lift. Ultherapy’s unique ability to visualize the tissues being treated allows pinpoint accuracy and individualised treatment design leading to optimal effectiveness and comfort.” - Dr Julia Sevi, Read more >

Combination is Key in Aesthetics

24th May 2018
Do you agree that a combination of the highest quality flavours makes the best food? Well, it often works in the same way with aesthetics. Aesthetic Health’s Founder and Medical Director, Dr Julia Sevi, practices and instructs a bespoke and custom-tailored approach to all treatment plans for our patients, and this will often include combining a number of treatments and techniques to achieve optimal results. Our motto is “1+1=3”, because when combining just two treatments, we can achieve results far beyond what you would expect from each treatment individually. Finding the Perfect Combination Whatever you are looking to treat, be Read more >

Aesthetic Health BOTOX® – Muscle Balancing Injections

11th May 2018
The aesthetic treatment trend has moved towards a more ‘au naturel’ look in recent years, which suits our “Aesthetic Health Botox” treatment technique down to the ground. Using methods similar to the new term: ‘Baby Botox’, (which we have actually been practicing years before the trend caught on, due to extensive and innovative clinical research,) Dr Julia Sevi and our aesthetic practitioners at Aesthetic Health Clinic have perfected a Botox treatment process that we think is unrivalled elsewhere in the UK. How does Aesthetic Health Botox work? Forget frozen foreheads; Aesthetic Health Botox is all about muscle balancing and subtlety. Read more >