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What to expect

From the moment you arrive at Aesthetic Health you are our number one priority. We strive to provide a relaxing, welcoming, and luxurious environment to ensure that you are confident that you have come to the right place for treatment.

Your journey will be a relaxed and comfortable one, as we help you to feel and look your very best by optimizing your health both inside and out.

At your first Practitioner Consultation you will be offered light refreshment while you fill in necessary paperwork. The consultation process includes a comprehensive medical history form, treatment area analysis and photographic assessment. We assess each patient individually in order to understand your concerns and any underlying factors triggering the conditions we aim to treat. We will guide you through your treatment choices and alternatives with ample opportunity for discussion.

Following this assessment, we will create your realistic, bespoke Treatment Plan, accommodating your requirements and wishes. It can range from a ‘quick aesthetic fix’ to a comprehensive longer-term regimen which treats the body as a whole.
Prior to every treatment we take time to discuss your procedure, its benefits and possible side effects and as with your consultation you will have ample opportunity to have your questions answered in a supportive environment. We work hard to make aesthetic treatments comfortable and easy to tolerate enabling life to carry on as usual. If there is going to be any social ‘downtime’ required, we advise you accordingly allowing you to plan ahead.
Following your treatment, we may apply post treatment creams, camouflage make-up (if required) and provide information about what to expect. If we suspect any bruising our ‘bruise kits’ will minimise the effects.
Leaving the clinic does not mean leaving our care – we will contact you by telephone to find out how you are and the team is on hand to answer any queries. We actively encourage follow-up appointments to ensure your results are optimal.

The Importance of a Naked Face

Where ever possible we would request that you arrive for your appointment with your skin free of make-up.

Because of the nature of aesthetic treatments, arriving with make-up applied could potentially compromise the safety or effectiveness of your procedure. This is due to the risk that the action of rubbing to remove make-up may temporarily cause redness or disturb the barrier function of the skin.

If this is not possible, make-up can be removed on arrival and, at the practitioner’s discretion, may be applied again post treatment.


I'm amazed at how quick, painless, relaxing and informative my first ever Botox experience was. Admittedly I've never really had a fear of needles, but the thought of being injected in my face filled me with apprehension.

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