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Aesthetic Health – Our Clinic Standards and Ethos

1st August 2018

Based on Harrogate Road in Leeds, Aesthetic Health is one of the UK’s leading aesthetic and anti-ageing clinics. Our highly experienced and attentive clinic team, led by Dr Julia Sevi, provide a scientific – but also holistic – approach to medical aesthetics, regeneration and health.

Aesthetic Health - Our Clinic Standards and Ethos Aesthetic Health

Patient Focussed

At Aesthetic Health, our patients are at the heart and centre of all that we do; they are our complete sole focus. Our patients have confidence and faith in the Aesthetic Health experience and journey, and trust 100% in our unique, dedicated and multidimensional approach. Dr Julia and all of our practitioners are particular and precise, ensuring that bespoke treatment plans are designed to deliver the desired results in the most natural and safe ways, whilst ensuring that our patients are comfortable and at ease throughout.

We Believe…

… In a multidimensional approach

We aim to balance your body’s natural powers of both regeneration and repair – from the inside out. Advanced science, innovative anti-ageing medicine and holistic therapies can be combined to offer treatment plans that can meet every patient’s individual needs and expectations, across a plethora of aesthetic and health solutions that work in harmony together.

… In healthy ageing

We know that you can look and feel great at any age! Age brings confidence, wisdom and experience, but you might need a little helping hand to slow down or reduce nature’s natural ageing effects – this is where we can be of assistance. Using our holistic, multidimensional and modern approach, we can safely prevent, slow, and sometimes reverse the negative signs of ageing.

… In healthy skin

Sun damage, pollution, ageing, lifestyle factors, hormones and medicines can all have have adverse effects on otherwise healthy and radiant skin. At Aesthetic Health, we can expertly rebuild the skin’s structure and restore your ultimate skin health.

CQC Report 2018

We recently had another visit from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and are delighted to say that we have had another glowing report, reflecting everything that we strive towards in terms of standards and care.

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