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Acne Scars

Acne scarring is unfortunately a very common condition for those that have suffered with severe and aggressive acne. Scarring occurs when the infected material of a lesion spills onto the skin after a pimple breaks, or is squeezed. The once healthy skin is thus compromised, and although the skin is able to repair itself, the scar tissue has a different appearance on the skin; this is what causes the visible acne scarring. The type of scarring caused by acne is known as ‘atrophic’ or ‘depressed’ scarring, which occurs when there is a loss of tissue.


Active acne can be treated so that the chance of scarring is reduced, which is why we always encourage our patients to come for acne treatment and prevent future scars. It is often advised to not squeeze or touch any active acne lesions, as this promotes the breakage of the skin.


The team at Aesthetic Health Clinic are led by Dr Julia Sevi, and are highly experienced in the treatment of acne scarring. For more information, get in touch today.


I'm amazed at how quick, painless, relaxing and informative my first ever Botox experience was. Admittedly I've never really had a fear of needles, but the thought of being injected in my face filled me with apprehension.

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