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Puffy eyes

“Puffy eyes” is another term used to describe swelling around the eyelids, and can occur due to the gathering of excessive fluids in the surrounding skin tissue. There are a variety of factors which can result in puffy eyes, including; overconsumption of salt, extra liquid retention, fatigue, allergies, ageing and dehydration.


The natural ageing process can result in puffy eyes and swollen eyelids, due to the inevitable thinning of the septum. The septum usually retains the position of the fat inside the eye socket, but as it herniates and pushes forward, it can move the fat underneath the eye, thus causing visual bulges.


Puffy eyes are usually no sign for medical concern, however, they may indicate underlying medical issues, especially if they arise suddenly. For example, the swelling under the eyes can be a symptom of thyroid disease and on a smaller scale indicate allergies.


Another reason you may want to treat puffy or swollen eyes is purely for aesthetic reasons. At Aesthetic Health Clinic, we are very well placed to advise of the best treatment suited to you after a thorough and in-depth initial consultation.

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