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Aesthetic Health is the First Aesthetic Clinic in England to have a CQC Outstanding Rating

28th August 2019

At Aesthetic Health, our patients are at the heart and centre of all that we do. As a leading aesthetic and anti-ageing clinic, we know that simply providing advanced treatments isn’t enough; we must also provide an unrivalled patient experience built on trust, compassion, and respect. From the moment our patients make their first call, to their post-procedure care, we are diligent to provide the highest standard of service that is professional, kind, and transparent. Our team works tirelessly each day to ensure that our clinic maintains a high standard of safety, professionalism, and compassion, and our hard work has not gone unnoticed. We are proud to announce that Aesthetic Health is the first doctor-led aesthetic clinic in England to receive the Care Quality Commission (CQC) “Outstanding” Rating.

Our Holistic, Patient-Centred Approach

In the report, the CQC noted that they witnessed countless examples of how Aesthetic Health goes above and beyond to provide compassionate care that meets the holistic needs of our patients. We are confident this is due our salubrious, patient-centred approach, led by Dr Julia Sevi. With more than 25 years of experience in Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Acupuncture, Dr Julia Sevi employs a unique approach which harmoniously intertwines scientifically-backed treatments with a holistic understanding, to treat the whole body for health, regeneration, and repair. Dr Julia understands that the most effective treatment plans are conducted through thorough, measured analysis of the many complex factors patients face. Before making any recommendations, the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and personal aesthetic goals are carefully considered in order to design a plan which not only treats the outer appearance, but also the inner self. The final result is beautiful healing and renewal of the whole individual.

Our Culture of “High Quality, Sustainable Care”

Upholding a culture in which our staff and patients feel dignified, respected, and understood is paramount to Aesthetic Health. The CQC Reported that we have a culture of “high quality, sustainable care”, and we are dedicated to maintaining this reputation. We are proud of our achievements, but we are not complacent; we intend to pursue excellence and improvement always. By staying up-to-date on leading research, and constantly assessing ways in which we can streamline and improve our practice, we remain steadfast. At Aesthetic Health, we understand that maintaining a culture that is open, honest, and encourages transparency allows for improvement; thus, we always encourage our team and patients to raise any concerns that they have. Taking constructive feedback in our stride allows us to hold ourselves to a high standard, and strive for constant progression in our practice. Our unceasing pursuit of education and betterment has not only been noticed by the CQC, it also earned us an award from the Aesthetics Awards in 2018 for our “professional and ethical approach in aesthetic medicine”.

Forward-Facing and Future-Focused

We know that delivering great results to our patients means delving further into the problem to find the most effective solution, but that doesn’t stop us always looking forward towards fresh new ways of combating ever-complexing concerns. At Aesthetic Health, we are dedicated to being forward-facing and future-focused; meaning, we are constantly seeking opportunities for education, training, and advancement, to adapt to the changing needs of our patients and stay up-to-date on the latest technologies in medicine and aesthetics. As a leader in our field, it’s important to us that we don’t think about aesthetics in an insular way – we want to affect positive change across our field for all professionals and clients, and we are enthusiastic about serving as a shining example to our colleagues at other clinics to ultimately contribute to the improvement of the aesthetics industry as a whole.

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Aesthetic Health is the First Aesthetic Clinic in England to have a CQC Outstanding Rating Aesthetic Health

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