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Introducing the Cutera® Titan® Skin Tightening Treatment at Aesthetic Health

13th September 2019

It is an unfortunate fact of life: as you age, your appearance can greatly change and your once youthful, glowing skin loses much of its structural support. Throughout adulthood, the production of collagen and elastin – vital structural proteins within the tissues – begin to diminish. This loss causes the slow decline of the skin’s condition, until one day, you realise your skin has grown thin and loose. Thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, there are treatments available with the power to restore the skin’s structure and youthful tightness once again. Aesthetic Health is pleased to announce the launch of the most advanced, non-surgical skin tightening treatment available now: Cutera® Titan®.

What is Cutera® Titan®?

The Cutera® Titan® device provides an all-natural solution to turning back the clock on ageing skin. Safe, infrared light has the ability to penetrate deep within the dermis, heating the skin and physically contracting the collagen within, resulting in a smooth, tightened appearance. Additionally, new collagen production is boosted for long-term, glowing skin. The result is toned, tightened, more youthful-looking skin!

What Can I Expect from the Cutera® Titan® Treatment?

This FDA-approved device provides very little discomfort. Thanks to the built-in, continuous cooling mechanism, the epidermis (surface skin) is completely protected while the deeper layers of skin are precisely targeted. The treatment is non-invasive and lasts under an hour and is suitable for all skin tones and types. The most popular areas to be treated are the face, jawline and neck – however abdomen, arms & inner thighs can also be treated with fantastic results. Immediately after the procedure, some patients may experience redness or swelling, but this dissipates in several hours. With no downtime, patients are free to return to their everyday activities immediately.

An Amazing Alternative to Surgical Skin Tightening

With only a few treatments, patients can experience dramatic results from the Cutera® Titan® device. Many patients may be wary of surgical cosmetic procedures; the immense cost, extensive downtime, and side effects are a barrier to many seeking treatment. Cutera® Titan® provides a safe, accessible treatment option for those who seek skin tightening without the worry of a surgical procedure.

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