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The Emerging Truth About Dermal Fillers And Covid-19

28th May 2021
Dermal Fillers And Covid-19

We are dedicated to keeping you informed, to provide you with the knowledge to make the right decisions for you. In the wake of the current pandemic, here’s what you need to know about the relationship between Covid-19 and your treatments.

Covid And Injectable Treatments

There is growing evidence worldwide that Covid-19 infection and the Covid-19 vaccination could trigger reactions to medical aesthetic treatments. Certainly, we have never known an illness like this, and the wide-ranging impact it can have on our bodily systems is still unfolding.

Covid-19 vaccination and the illness itself trigger an immune response that places the body on high alert. This heightened state makes it more likely for the immune system to recognise filler as a foreign body and launch the body’s defences to deal with it as such.

Filler is most commonly made from Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a natural constituent in our skin and bodies. HA binds to water to help retain moisture, keeping our tissues hydrated and supple. The HA in dermal filler is used to support facial structure and is typically employed to restore the cheek, temple, jawline and lip areas. It usually passes under the radar of our immune system because it is almost identical to our naturally occurring HA. However, when the immune system is primed, it can start to notice the HA filler. This results in inflammation.

How Common Is This Immune System Response?

Although an uncommon reaction, specialists worldwide have now reported issues such as redness, swelling, lumpiness and even reabsorption of filler. We have seen this occur previously on rare occasions in flu patients, so it is not an entirely unprecedented phenomenon, however, as we gather more information, we may need to update you further on the situation.

Thankfully, vaccine-related reactions have been mild and easily resolved, with those that occur in individuals infected by Covid-19 sometimes taking longer to settle. It is important to remember that the sooner these conditions are treated the more swiftly they are likely to resolve, so if you ever have any concerns please contact us immediately, by phone or at patientcare@aesthetichealth.co.uk.

The Emerging Truth About Dermal Fillers And Covid-19 Aesthetic Health

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