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Holistic Treatments by Lydia

10th July 2018

Welcome back, Lydia!

We’re welcoming our in-house Holistic Therapist, Lydia Toumazou, back to the team. Lydia is known for her warmth and her genuine care for the well-being of others.

Holistic Treatments by Lydia Aesthetic Health

Originally training in the creative arts and education Lydia went on to specialise in dance and music therapy for children and adults with special needs. In 2001 she qualified as a professional teacher from Cambridge University and went on to develop a colourful career in the education industry. Working for and developing long standing arts therapy projects with institutions such as the BBC, Green Candle Dance, Make a Wish, and Stonewall to name just a few. Inspired by a deeper understanding of holistic therapies as a tool for positive change Lydia gained further qualifications from the University of North West London and The London School of Massage and proudly joined the Aesthetic Health team in 2010.

Lydia is deeply proud to be part of the Aesthetic Team and is now offering a specialised menu of treatments promising to be both healing and relaxing for all.

What does Lydia do?

‘Holistic’ stems from the Greek word ‘holos’, which means ‘whole’. Lydia synergistically looks at and manages the mind, body and soul in her holistic therapy sessions. Holistic therapy is a practice that has been studied and used for centuries and is now being recognised in the scientific community for its unique rewards in improving health, happiness and wellbeing. Holistic therapy is useful for those who want to find balance in their life, and the sessions can help reduce stress within patients and deliver a sense of peace with oneself. Often, people have a lack of success with traditional methods of medicine and opt for holistic therapy either as a treatment on its own, or in conjunction with a traditional treatment plan. By doing so, it’s been noted that patients can improve their blood pressure, stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. With experience in caring for people, Lydia takes extra special care of you during sessions and will make you feel relaxed and at peace throughout your treatment.

Holistic Treatments at Aesthetic Health

There are a variety of holistic treatments available through Lydia at Aesthetic Health, which are suitable for a wide range of needs:

Deluxe Relaxation Massage1 hour – £60.00

Energy Rebalancing Treatment1 hour – £60.00

Energy Rebalancing Treatment1 hour 30 minutes – £75.00

Deluxe Relaxation Massage 1 hour 30 minutes – £75.00

Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation Massage1 hour – £50.00

Refresh and Revive – 30 mins£30.00

Would you like more information on Lydia or the treatments she offers? Call us on 0113 269 7274 to book an appointment, or get in contact via this page on our website.

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