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Kirsty Pole Aesthetic Health

Kirsty Pole

Kirsty is a fundamental pillar to both our team and patients. From patient care to medical prescriptions to clinic logistics, Kirsty ensures all patient processes are running smoothly. 

Passionate about helping people feel their very best, Kirsty pours her 12 years’ experience in the healthcare and aesthetics industry into doing just that. Working closely with Dr Julia, Kirsty assesses new patients’ needs and gets them started on their regenerative health journey, organising their consultations, and coordinating with Megan and Dr Julia on their multi-dimensional plans.

A dedicated perfectionist with rare attention to detail, Kirsty is extremely talented at improving patient care through the design and implementation of new medical processes. She is also a skilled clinical assistant, working alongside the Medical Practitioners to deliver exemplary treatments.

When she’s not working her socks off to support her team or patients, Kirsty can be found creating artistic delights, enjoying the nature around her, hunting down antique treasures, and playing with her gorgeous cat.

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