Combination Anti-Aging Treatments

18th February 2019
November 2016 My first appointment at The Leeds Aesthetic Clinic was in April this year. I had been increasingly worried and depressed about the way I felt as a woman and, now in my early sixties, I realised that the anxiety and emotion I was feeling was reflected in my appearance, in particular my face. My treatment with Julia has been ongoing since April and I am both delighted and amazed with the results. I have a new found confidence in myself and no longer want to hide myself away. For me it is not about turning back the clock Read more >

CoolSculpting Inner Thigh

15th January 2019
Since birth I’ve had an enlarged fat pocket on my right inner thigh. My doctors weren’t concerned and said it might disappear after puberty, it didn’t. I lived with it rather self-consciously; it got in the way, I felt it swaying with every step, it made my trousers feel tight and I was never comfortable doing anything that revealed my legs, such as swimming. After living with it for forty years, bearing three lovely children and then going through a sudden divorce, I decided it was time to address it. I researched non-surgical techniques to remove fat as I was Read more >