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Combination Anti-Aging Treatments

Patient Name: Angela's Story

November 2016

My first appointment at The Leeds Aesthetic Clinic was in April this year. I had been increasingly worried and depressed about the way I felt as a woman and, now in my early sixties, I realised that the anxiety and emotion I was feeling was reflected in my appearance, in particular my face.

My treatment with Julia has been ongoing since April and I am both delighted and amazed with the results. I have a new found confidence in myself and no longer want to hide myself away.

For me it is not about turning back the clock and wishing I was younger…………. but to get out there, hold my head high again and embrace my age and beauty as a smart, attractive 62 year old.

I cannot thank Julia and her team enough for the professionalism, care and complete understanding of the delicate situation many women feel and find themselves in as they progress through to the silver years of wisdom and experience.

February 2019

I have now been attending Aesthetic Health with Dr Julia Sevi and her team for three years. Since that time I have undergone various treatments and would like to share an update of my progress with any ladies, or gentlemen, of a similar age to myself who are considering future aesthetic treatment with Dr Julia.

Well, I am now rapidly approaching my 65th birthday (where has all the time gone!!!?) and three years down the line so time to evaluate my treatment plan to date.

It is very noticeable that my facial appearance has been rejuvenated. It is important NOT to use the word CHANGED……. because it hasn’t. I have seen photo’s of both ladies and gentlemen who have undergone treatments, such as botox and fillers, and whose facial features have changed to the point that they have become virtually unrecognizable! A point to note at this stage is that I have had both botox and fillers as part of my treatment, which has been administered in order to attain a totally natural look….. such is the expertise of Dr Julia and her team.

Relatives and friends have passed comment on how well I look, in particular the fullness of my face and the condition and radiance of my skin. My age related blemishes have all but vanished and my skin is much brighter…….. so much so that I have changed the colour of my foundation make-up which blends, unnoticed, with my natural skin tone. 24 months ago I had a Visia Facial Assessment Analysis which gave me a skin age of 53yrs…… 9 yrs younger than my actual age!! and I felt elated.

So where do we go from here? I spoke to Dr Julia in January of this year and we agreed that I had had a slight loss of facial volume. This was due, in part, to the natural ageing process (well I am nearly 65) and a weight loss of 14Ibs in the previous 12 months. We have now agreed a revised treatment plan, which is due to commence shortly.

3 yrs down the line and how am I feeling? Absolutely fabulous!! My self esteem and confidence are at an all time high and, far from wearing my usual flatties and trainers, my heels are getting higher……… and I have even changed the colour of my lipstick!!

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