CoolSculpting Inner Thigh

Patient Name: Sarah's Story


Since birth I’ve had an enlarged fat pocket on my right inner thigh. My doctors weren’t concerned and said it might disappear after puberty, it didn’t. I lived with it rather self-consciously; it got in the way, I felt it swaying with every step, it made my trousers feel tight and I was never comfortable doing anything that revealed my legs, such as swimming. After living with it for forty years, bearing three lovely children and then going through a sudden divorce, I decided it was time to address it.

I researched non-surgical techniques to remove fat as I was not keen on undergoing a drastic, scarring procedure. I chose CoolSculpting because it was non-invasive, had minimal side effects, gave slow and gentle results allowing my body to adapt and it had no recovery time. This meant that I could have the treatment while the children were at school and be able to walk to collect them afterwards. I wanted to do this slowly and carefully.

I chose Aesthetic Health because of its excellent reputation and high standards. All the staff have been so kind and welcoming, every step of the way has been explained clearly and I have been very well looked after. Lovely Joanna performed my treatments for me, communicating everything thoroughly and meticulously marking me up for the attachment to make sure it was positioned exactly right. The procedure itself was pretty straight forward. First I got marked up and a sticky gel applied to protect the skin, then the suction attachment was placed over the top and strapped on to keep it in place. Once I was comfortable the machine was switched on and I felt my flesh being gently sucked up into the attachment and slowly getting colder and colder until it went completely numb. This only took a couple of minutes and I did not find it unpleasant at all. The freezing process took roughly twenty minutes and I was able to quietly read my kindle and nibble the snacks provided for me. Once complete everything was removed and the frozen flesh massaged which was a little uncomfortable but certainly bearable. And that is it!

Immediately after treatment the area remained numb for a couple of weeks and sometimes itched so I just massaged it which helped. I did not mind this as it was a reassuring reminder that changes were taking place within the tissues despite not being able to see any difference from the outside. After a month the only noticeable difference was that the fat pocket felt a bit softer. Over the next few months it gradually started to reduce in size like a slowly deflating balloon. An unanticipated benefit was the improved range of movement in my hip, walking was easier and my gait was free. My trousers started to fit better too. 5 months after treatment I was so pleased with the results that I decided to have another session on both inner thighs to balance it up a bit more. The procedure and response was exactly the same and the results have been very good indeed. Photographs were taken before the procedure and after 3 months, allowing me to see how much has been achieved which has given me a wonderful boost. I may not quite feel confident enough yet to wear a bikini in public but I am certainly less aware of it and less self-conscious. It has definitely changed my life and I am very grateful.

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