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Introducing the Plasma Peel at Aesthetic Health

17th July 2018

Aesthetic Health is delighted to introduce the  Plasma Peel to our comprehensive list of aesthetic treatments. As a clinic that strives to deliver the best possible holistic treatment plans, we’re always looking to improve our understanding of new treatments in order to maximise the benefits we can provide for you. We also aim to extend our treatment range to tackle a number of conditions in different ways, to complement and extend our multidimensional treatment approach.

Our latest treatment, Plasma Peel, is a versatile, non-invasive treatment that can be used to treat a range of conditions. To name a few, this treatment aims to retexture skin, battle inflammation and scarring, reduce lesions and increase the penetration of topicals. This is why Plasma Peel is highly effective in the combat against acne, and will form part of our Summer Acne Clinic that we introduced to the clinic earlier this season.


Introducing the Plasma Peel at Aesthetic Health Aesthetic HealthHow does Plasma Peel work?

By using a hand-held, pen-like handpiece, plasma is created and exerted through a fine needle at the end of the device. The plasma is created at the end of the electrode when it gets close enough to the skin, although it does not actually make contact. The device is attached to a touch-screen display that is prearranged with an array of treatment protocols, ready to address a catalogue of aesthetic conditions, such as: acne, scarring or wrinkles. The Plasma Peel is great for stimulating collagen and elastin growth-chemicals that are responsible for a youthful and refreshed appearance.

Who’s suitable for Plasma Peel?

Plasma Peel is perfect for people suffering from acne, as the device helps to encourage the production of collagen, which in turn repairs the skin cells. We can also help to reduce the appearance of scars using the same process. In addition, the Plasma tool can be used to aid in the removal of benign cysts and warts. Please note that the Plasma Peel at Aesthetic Health is not suitable – under any circumstances – for anyone that is pregnant, breastfeeding, or a cardiac patient.

You can find more information about the Plasma Peel by getting in touch with our highly professional and friendly clinic team.

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