Astaxanthin Softgels – 5mg


Solgar ® Astaxanthin 5 mg contains Astaxanthin, a type of carotenoid, which is a natural pigment found in a variety of foods.


Carotenes are specifically found in vegetables and fruits, with beta-carotene found in those which are dark orange or green. Astaxanthin gives a vibrant red-orange colour to lobster, salmon and some algae.

As some diets often do not contain a range of fruits and vegetables, taking a supplement to reach adequate levels of carotenoids could be useful.

Solgar ® Astaxanthin 5 mg provides Astaxanthin derived from Haematococcus Pluvialis, a fresh water algae.



Softgel Capsule Shell: (gelatin (from bovine), vegetable glycerin (from palm kernel oil and coconut oil)), Sunflower Seed Oil, Astaxanthin (from H. pluvialis).


For detailed nutritional information, please check the label.

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