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Aesthetic Health’s Summer Treatment – SuperHydrate

15th August 2018

At Aesthetic Health, we have decided to formulate another innovative Summer treatment – Summer SuperHydrate – which will help to win the battle against dehydrated skin in the relentlessly warm months. Priced at just £140, this great value treatment for dehydrated skin has a lot to offer:

Aesthetic Health’s Summer Treatment - SuperHydrate Aesthetic Health

What does SuperHydrate include?

SuperHydrate encompasses a number of individual treatments that will have a synergistic hydrating effect on the skin, leaving it looking healthier and refreshed.

Firstly, your face with be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated to extract impurities from the skin.

Secondly, we will use the plasma peel to help reduce the production of excess oil and limit bacterias in the skin. The plasma peel will also close up your pores, eliminating any environmental radicals that could cause unwanted skin problems.

Following the plasma peel, you’ll receive an LED therapy session, which will help encourage rejuvenation and repair of skin cells.

We will apply a Vitamin C serum, and a hydrating face mask to brighten and hydrate the skin, leaving you looking brighter and healthier.

Finally, you will be given a mini pot of SPF to take home with you, and apply regularly to reinforce and retain the effects of your holistic treatment.

Once this series of treatments that make up SuperHydrate have been undertaken, you’ll be filled with renewed confidence that your skin is looking and feeling its very best!

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The SuperHydrate treatment package is priced at £140, which represents great value for such a comprehensive series of treatments at Aesthetic Health. Please note that this treatment is only available for a limited time over the Summer, so make sure you book your consultation quickly to avoid disappointment.

If you’re interested in trying our Summer SuperHydrate treatment, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 269 7274, or enquire via our website.

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