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Aesthetic Health’s tips for your skin over the festivities

17th December 2019
Skincare Leeds

How to keep your skin looking fresh during Christmas!


Christmas can have a huge effect on your skin. You may notice a few more blemishes and your glow starting to fade as the Christmas period continues – but don’t worry, we’ve got some top tips and treatments to help you get your skin back to its best this festive period. 


What can affect your skin this Christmas?

As the Christmas treats start appearing in cupboards and glasses of wine begin to flow- with the excuse of “oh go on then, it’s Christmas!” – the change in your diet can cause unwanted breakouts and blemishes. 

There’s also the (fantastic) problem of all of those lavish parties! With friends old and new, co-workers, family and extended family to squeeze into the diary, there’s no doubt you’re not getting as much beauty sleep as you usually do! 

Although the festive period leaves most of us with that warm and fuzzy glow, it’s often an extremely cold time of year – which is never good for your skin. As the cold air takes out a lot of the moisture in your skin, it can become increasingly dry in winter. 


Our tips for you!


A good routine

Though you may be wearing more makeup this holiday season, make sure you have a good routine. Removing your makeup thoroughly at the end of the night is key. Make sure you are washing your face to remove any leftover makeup that could clog up your pores and create more blemishes.



Keeping you and your skin hydrated is essential in winter. By drinking plenty of water, you can help keep your skin blemish-free, and help the level of dryness. One study by the University of Missouri-Columbia has discovered that drinking two cups of water a day can increase blood flow to the skin, which can help even out your skin tone and complexion. So drink up! 

When we say hydration, we also mean your use of a moisturiser. A heavier moisturiser should be used in the winter, this will hugely improve the dryness in your skin as your lighter moisturiser will not be able to handle the heavy-duty, cold temperatures of December and January. Apply a day and night cream for protection throughout the day. 


Beauty Sleep

Though you may be out partying most nights while you’re off work, make time to catch up on sleep! Beauty sleep seems like a slightly outdated phrase, but in reality, the amount of sleep you get is detrimental to the condition of your skin. When your body is sleep-deprived, your existing skin conditions worsen. Hydration also balances out while you’re asleep as the skin is able to recover lost moisture and stop those pesky bags appearing under your eyes. 


Book a treatment 

Investing in good products is investing in your skin. At Aesthetic Health, we only use ‘the best’ products in our treatments to give your skin all of the essentials it needs for a glowing complexion. With a range of facials and peels on offer, including the HydraFacial, LED light therapy and Exfoliative Peels, we can get your skin looking and feeling its best. 


Skin analysis at Aesthetic Health 

Our VISIA® Complexion Analysis machine provides a detailed record of your skin, taking not just a photograph of the surface of the skin but recording the damage done by ultraviolet light in the past, as well as redness, pigmentation and surface irregularities. The VISIA computer software can also give a record of how your skin scores compared with others of your age and skin type, producing a detailed printout and record of your skin’s “age”. This valuable report can then be used to plan your bespoke skincare programme – we can specifically target your skincare products, and if desired, devise an effective treatment programme to deal with your particular skin concerns. So why not book in and start the new year off on the right foot?!


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