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Aesthetic Health – July’s Products of the Month

4th July 2018

Aesthetic Health is launching another “product of the month” exclusive offer for our patients this July. At our Leeds clinic, we’re committed to delivering the best possible skin and health treatments in a caring and professional manner, using medically safe and multidimensional solutions. Because of this, we structure our monthly product packages to tackle common skin concerns using a holistic and combined approach.

This month’s chosen product packages include two options. We’re recommending our Niacin Vegetable Capsules (500mg), accompanied by Skinceuticals Double Defence, containing either CE Ferulic and Ultra Facial Defence or Phloretin CF and UV Brightening Defence. These product packages are perfect for the coming Summer months, in which your skin will be exposed to more potentially damaging UV rays. This extended UV exposure can leave our skin looking dry, wrinkled, sagging and discoloured. Our CE Ferulic package is tailored for normal to dry skin, whereas Phloretin CF is designed for combination or oily skin. Each package is priced as follows:

Double Defence:Phloretin CF 30mg & plus Brightening UV Defence 30mg + Niacin 500mg = £150
Double Defence:CE Ferulic 30mg & plus Ultra Facial Defence 30mg + Niacin 500mg = £129

Aesthetic Health -  July’s Products of the Month Aesthetic Health

What is Niacin?

Niacin is a nicotinic acid commonly found in a number of foods, and is a vital nutrient to the human body. Niacin is part of the Vitamin B complex, and is used as an energy source within our skin’s cells to protect our body from sunlight. Taking Niacin has a number of cited benefits for the body, including: improved cholesterol, decreased risk of diabetes, improved circulation and cardiovascular health, and improved skin. Named by some as the ‘superfood of skincare’, Niacin serves a number of benefits for the skin including helping it fight against rosacea, and improving skin hydration and pigmentation. When used syngertistically with other nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, or prescribed skincare, the effects of Niacin can be enhanced to deliver even greater results.

SkinCeuticals at Aesthetic Health

Skinceuticals are an advanced skincare brand that designs and innovates formulated skincare products to optimise skin health to its full potential. By placing an emphasis on the research and development phase of new product creation, Skinceuticals has lead the way in raising the standard of skincare worldwide, and brings tomorrow’s skin care technology to consumers today. The Skinceuticals product range is subject to a number of rigourous and expansive tests to make sure the products that they offer are fully optimised to deliver best results. We offer a broad range of Skinceuticals products at Aesthetic Health.

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