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Develop Your Winter Skincare Routine at our Exclusive Skinceuticals Event

2nd September 2019

As the seasons change and the temperature drops, you will certainly alter your wardrobe; opting for warm jumpers, coats, and scarves in lieu of the lighter garments of summer. Just as you change your clothing to accommodate the colder weather, you should also alter your skincare. The best skincare routine not only takes into account your unique skin needs and concerns, but also environmental factors you encounter. Here at Aesthetic Health, we know just how difficult it can be to choose the right products for your skin – especially with the harsh winter conditions in the UK! We can make your winter skincare simpler at our exclusive event with the medical-grade, scientifically-backed skincare range: Skinceuticals.

Aesthetic Health’s Exclusive Skinceuticals Event on 17th October

On 17th October from 5-8pm Aesthetic Health are hosting an exclusive event with Skinceuticals – full of special offers only available on the evening! The Skinceuticals experts will begin with a presentation talking all about winter skincare, sharing their professional recommendations to prepare your skin for the harsh winter months. Product samples will be available for guests to try, allowing you to find the ultimate match for your skincare concerns. There will even be an opportunity to book a complimentary skincare consultation with one of our gifted aestheticians following the event for an in-depth discussion and personalised skin assessment.

Why Skinceuticals?

Skinceuticals has been loved by medical professionals and patients alike for over 20 years, providing scientifically-backed solutions to a plethora of skincare concerns. Skinceuticals is dedicated to skin health, and extensively studies each product to the highest standard with the most superior patient outcomes. Skinceuticals professionals know that many factors contribute to the condition of your skin, including the environmental effects of harsh winter conditions. With many years of research, clinical testing, and patient satisfaction, Skinceuticals have developed an incredible reputation for outstanding skincare – whatever the weather.

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