CoolSculpting: For a New You, this New Year

1st December 2019
Helping you make your New Year goals come true.  Whether you’ve worked throughout the last 11 months to achieve a goal by New Year, or if you just want a fresh start and need a helping hand, CoolSculpting at Aesthetic Health can help you get there. We all make resolutions for the upcoming “fresh start” in the calendar, so why not make one you can keep, with us?  With the incredible results offered by liposuction, and none of the surgical risk or excessive downtime, CoolSculpting could be the treatment for you. Aimed at men and women who are Read more >

The buzz around light therapy

5th November 2019
Can LED lights really lead to better skin? Victoria Beckham thinks so! It’s great to have the celeb world creating such a buzz by using at-home LED masks, BUT make sure you ask about the evidence behind the device before purchasing as not all LEDs are equal! What is LED light therapy? LED therapy is a relaxing, non-invasive skin health treatment with multiple benefits. Using light energy from hundreds of tiny LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) a treatment session feels a bit like basking in the sun for half an hour. The specific wavelengths of light emitted by LEDs help rescue the Read more >

Unprecedented Results with Ultherapy at Aesthetic Health

25th October 2019
Aesthetic Health’s Dr Julia Sevi is a global key opinion leader for Ultherapy, as well as being a member of the Merz innovation board for Ultherapy in the UK: offering pioneering techniques, to produce unprecedented results. Ultherapy is the only non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA for lifting the skin on the neck, chin, and brow, and improving lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. How does Ultherapy work? Ultherapy utilises ultrasound waves to penetrate deep into the middle layers of skin tissue to stimulate collagen production and encourage regeneration. By using controlled heat energy at optimal depths below the skin, Read more >

Perfect Your Autumn and Winter Skincare at Our Exclusive Event

30th September 2019
Autumn and winter are truly magical seasons; the beautiful transition of autumn leaves to colourful hues of red, yellow, and orange; the crisp, refreshing air; and the anticipation of the holidays. There is something truly comforting about taking your cozy jumpers and coats out of storage to layer up for the colder weather. Just as you bundle up to fight off the cold, you should also alter your skin care routine to combat the many skin concerns that arise during autumn and winter. Aesthetic Health is here to help you develop your perfect skincare routine for the colder months at Read more >

Introducing the Cutera® Titan® Skin Tightening Treatment at Aesthetic Health

13th September 2019
It is an unfortunate fact of life: as you age, your appearance can greatly change and your once youthful, glowing skin loses much of its structural support. Throughout adulthood, the production of collagen and elastin - vital structural proteins within the tissues - begin to diminish. This loss causes the slow decline of the skin’s condition, until one day, you realise your skin has grown thin and loose. Thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, there are treatments available with the power to restore the skin’s structure and youthful tightness once again. Aesthetic Health is pleased to announce the launch of Read more >