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Regenerative Sexual Health

Regenerative sexual health treatment is a popular series of treatments available at Aesthetic Health. As our bodies age, we may find sex becomes less appealing. This can be due to many factors, from loss of sensation and dryness during menopause to tissue degradation and reduced response to stimulus. Thankfully many of our innovative treatments can help to not only rejuvenate intimate areas but your sex life too.

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Regenerative Sexual Health Treatment Overview

The team at Aesthetic Health have been specially trained in all areas of regenerative sexual health treatments. Some of our treatments available for regenerative sexual health:


How does it work? Used for vaginal rejuvenation, the treatment involves five-six micro injections of carbon dioxide to stimulate the tissues to grow new capillaries and collagen. This replenishes the blood supply, improves circulation and increases the amount of tissue in the treatment area.

How does it help? Carboxtherapy improves the cosmetic appearance as tissue regains plumpness; you’ll experience improved vaginal tone and functionality; less dryness and irritation; improved sensation.


How does it work? PRP sexual rejuvenation involves injections of your own plasma to stimulate cell growth. For women, a few simple injections are made in and around the pelvic area, while men receive the injections in various areas of the penis. Don’t be too alarmed, sensitive areas are numbed with an anaesthetic cream before the procedure to minimise any discomfort.

How does it help? Platelet Rich Plasma treatments can lead to increased libido in both men and women; heightened sexual pleasure and stamina; improved erectile function; a more youthful look and feel; less incidents of urinary incontinence; and reduced pain during sex.


How does it work? Fillers can be used to volumise the labia majora, thereby concealing the labia minora in order to protect delicate tissues and give a more proportioned appearance. Treatments can also restore tone and elasticity.

How does it help? Procedures can be used to strengthen the vulval area, improving tissue quality and sensitivity; reduce dryness; enhance the appearance of the labia; reduced discomfort during sex.

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