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The Triangle of Youth and The Pyramid of Age

13th June 2018
The Triangle of Youth and The Pyramid of Age Aesthetic Health

As we search for anti-ageing treatments, we will likely come across the phrase: “restoring the triangle of youth”. But, what does this mean?

Restoring the Triangle of Youth

A youthful face is made up of three attributes as you can see in the image above: high cheekbones, full cheeks and a well-defined jawline. These unique features are often referred to as the “triangle of youth”, and this is easy to visualise when you think of the point of the triangle as the chin, and the base of the triangle being at the cheeks. What happens when we age is that this youthful triangle often becomes inverted as you can see on the right of the image, and is then referred to as “the pyramid of age”.

This triangle turns itself around as face becomes more oblong, and you’ll notice that your cheeks flatten and jowls appear. Fortunately, these signs of ageing can be minimised and the triangle of youth can be restored in a natural and flattering way if your diagnosis is accurate in the first instance, and an appropriate treatment plan is devised.

The quality of the superficial layer of skin also impacts on perceived youthfulness and health, as cumulative sun damage begins to show. Treatment plans at Aesthetic Health also address the appearance of resulting uneven pigmentation, brown spots, redness and thread veins.

The Importance of Accurate Diagnosis

At Aesthetic Health, our multidimensional approach, led and advised by Dr Julia Sevi, means that it is so very important to analyse the face thoroughly during your initial consultation and ensure we are treating each point of the “triangle” with the best suited treatments to correct and restore your individual conditions. Dr Julia and her team may recommend some of the following treatments as individual solutions, or as part of a customised and bespoke treatment plan:

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