We pride ourselves on achieving beautiful skin for our clients. As Summer beckons, we move into lighter clothes and lighter make up. As a result we focus on our skin’s quality and look. There are many treatments at Aesthetic Health that can improve and protect your skin, making you feel more confident. Click here to […]

The Winter months…

…are an important time for skin preparation and nurture. Allowing us to improve, care and enhance our skin for the Spring reveal. Click here to read more.


As we move through Winter longing for the start of Spring why not treat your skin to light therapy and see some amazing results. Dermalux™ LED Phototherapy, winner of Best New Treatment at the Aesthetic Awards, is fast becoming one of our most popular treatments due to its speed, cost and the wide ranging benefits […]


We look forward to welcoming you all back to Aesthetic Health throughout 2014. Keep an eye on the Clinic Updates and our informative website to read the latest about our treatments. Click here to read more.


Now is the time to resolve the problem of unwanted hair. With our skin mostly out of sight through the winter months it is the perfect time to start a course of laser hair removal in preparation for a Spring reveal of beautiful smooth, hair free skin. Click here to read more.

Let Your Skin See The Light

As the days get shorter and our skin begins to dull, everyone would benefit from a course of LED. The sessions are quick and this relaxing treatment is easily combined with other offerings at Aesthetic Health. Click here to read more.

Aromatherapy Associates Massage & Facial

Our unisex treatments are firmly based on the traditional principles of aromatherapy. Using eastern and western massage techniques, they stimulate the nervous system to release congestion and re-balance areas of the body affected by physical or mental stress. Click here to read more.

Get Hollywood Skin at Aesthetic Health!

The HydraFacial AKA The Hollywood Facial is a unisex, non-invasive treatment that tones, lifts and firms, giving an immediate glow to the skin. Click here to read more.