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Loose skin

Loose skin can often be an unfortunate side effect of extensive weight loss, as the loss of fat leaves behind excess and stretched skin. Loose skin is also a very common sign of ageing; as the skin naturally loses its elasticity and collagen over time, our muscles begin to diminish and our skin is unable to retain its tight appearance. This is when the skin around the face, abdomen, neck, thighs, underarms and other body parts may begin to sag.

In addition to weight loss and ageing, loose skin can also be a result of increased sun exposure which may cause a depletion in elastin and collagen. In some cases, loose skin can simply be hereditary and part of our individual genetic make-up.

The ever increasing use of technology from a young age is also creating the phenomenon commonly known as ‘Tech Neck’, whereby exposure to artificial light from phone and computer screens is having a detrimental effect on the skin around our face and neck.
Whatever the reason for your loose skin, we will be able to devise a tailored treatment plan just for you at Aesthetic Health Clinic in Leeds.


I'm amazed at how quick, painless, relaxing and informative my first ever Botox experience was. Admittedly I've never really had a fear of needles, but the thought of being injected in my face filled me with apprehension.

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