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Flattened or Sunken Cheeks

From adolescence, through to younger adulthood, our cheeks appear ‘rounded’ due to the full fat pads present under the skin. However, during the ageing process, the depletion of collagen and facial fat creates accentuated cheekbones and flattened facial planes. As this process continues, the cheeks may appear to be hollow; elasticity is lost and this can also result in the emergence of wrinkles. This process typically begins for many of us in our mid-late twenties as our skin’s support begins to naturally break down.


As well as being caused by the ageing process, sunken cheeks can be promoted by lifestyle factors such as extreme “yo-yo” dieting, smoking, prolonged sun exposure and excessive stress. The condition poses no immediate threat to your health; however, due to aesthetic reasons, sunken cheeks can negatively affect your emotional wellbeing and are sometimes a cause of insecurity for many women and men.


At the Aesthetic Health Clinic in Leeds, we are highly experienced in the treatment and rejuvenation of flattened or sunken cheeks.

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