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Ageing Hands

Ageing hands often belie a fresh and youthful face. As our hands age and lose their natural plumpness, they often become wrinkled, have more prominent veins and sometimes gain age spots. Noticing that time is taking its toll on your hands is just part of the natural ageing process and is due to depletion of elastin and collagen. However, the ageing process can be perpetuated by sun exposure, and this is especially true of age spots, or ‘sun spots’, which can often be found on the backs of the hands. Those who spend a lot of time outside and exposed to the elements will be more susceptible to hands ageing prematurely.

The nails of the hands may also become aged as they develop a ‘stained’ look, and can gradually become brittle. However, you’ll be pleased to know that there are products and treatments available for both ageing hands and nails, and we can offer a number of these at Aesthetic Health Clinic on Harrogate Road, Leeds.


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