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Hydrate and reinvigorate your skin with BELOTERO® REVIVE

8th September 2021

We are thrilled to share that a brand-new Skin Booster from the Merz BELOTERO® range has just hit our shores. This has been a long-time favourite in Europe, especially in France where healthy glowing skin is highly prized.

Hydrate and reinvigorate your skin with BELOTERO® REVIVE Aesthetic Health

What is a skin booster?

A skin booster is a specialised cocktail which is administered in minute ‘invisible needle’ injections to infuse your skin with goodness. It is designed to improve hydration, elasticity and firmness, with results you can not only see, but you can feel the difference also.

Clinical studies* show very high patient satisfaction:

  • 100% patients showed aesthetic improvement at 12 weeks
  • 80% were satisfied with the treatment at 24 weeks
  • 90% would recommend to a friend

*Clinical studies quoted focussed on lower cheek

How does it work?

BELOTERO® REVIVE is a turbo-hydrator packed with hyaluronic acid and glycerol which attract many times their weight in water to where it’s needed. The result? Smoother, juicy glowing skin with increased collagen, elastin, and hydration.

Who is it for?

Almost everyone! In a world where our skin is constantly exposed to the sun, air pollutants and several other stressors, most of us could benefit from a hydration boost. Unlike traditional fillers which support skin structure, REVIVE improves the condition of the skin by helping it to retain hydration, which in turn promotes the production and retention of collagen and elastin.

Dr Julia Sevi, Founder and Director, Aesthetic Health, says: “Skin boosters act like an air-brush – by nourishing the health and hydration of your skin on the inside, you can achieve a genuine healthy glow on the outside.”

Hydrate and reinvigorate your skin with BELOTERO® REVIVE Aesthetic Health

What can I expect from treatment?

You will receive 3 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart. Minute droplets are injected with the smallest needle in the world, meaning minimal discomfort and no downtime.

How do I book in?

Aesthetic Health is delighted to share that we are now taking bookings for BELOTERO® REVIVE. Contact our team today at patientcare@aesthetichealth.co.uk or 0113 269 7274, and look forward to that quenched skin feeling!

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