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The AH Method

We are defined by our unique approach, a method which combines the highest quality evidence-based medicine with whole-human care.

From day one, we have made it our mission to not only provide the highest level of regenerative results, but to deliver them with a genuine, nurturing care uncommon in most medical clinics. Since then, we have uplifted the lives of countless patients and blazed a trail in the medical aesthetics arena. Rather than ‘papering over the cracks’ the AH method is focused on treating the underlying cause of an issue, and stimulating the body’s natural powers of regeneration and repair. This ensures that patients not only look better, but feel better, and attain longer-lasting, natural results.

All our treatments are underpinned by our Unique AH Values, 7-Star Care tenets, and Detailed Diagnostics.

The AH Method Aesthetic Health


I'm amazed at how quick, painless, relaxing and informative my first ever Botox experience was. Admittedly I've never really had a fear of needles, but the thought of being injected in my face filled me with apprehension.

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