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Thread Uplift

The non-surgical Aesthetic Health Thread Uplift uses Silhouette Soft dissolvable threads strategically positioned to lift and sculpt sagging cheeks, jowls and neck. When required we also use judiciously placed PDO threads for the ultimate refinement.

Thread Uplift Treatment Snapshot



1 hour (including numbing time).



Local anesthetic cream up to 20 mins prior treatment.



Social downtime of 24hours while skin can show slight dimpling following which there can be some possible bruising for a few days, coverable with make-up.

Final Results

Final Results

Some lift is visible immediately which reaches its final result after three months

Suitable For

Suitable For

Improving contours of the face, the mandible line, cheeks and malar area, and the neck and eyebrows.

Thread Uplift Treatment Overview

If you’re battling with skin that’s struggling to keep it’s laxity, a traditional facelift isn’t your only option. To restructure sagging skin, a thread uplift offers the results of a classic facelift but without the painful and expensive surgery. Dr Julia Sevi and her team use specialist Silhouette Soft dissolvable threads to physically lift tissue and sculpt your facial contours, resulting in a subtle, youthful, and beautiful appearance.

Thread uplifting uses fine, dissolvable threads weaved through tiny holes in the skin to tighten and give a more toned, lifted, voluminous appearance. The procedure can take up to one hour, but the time will be spent in comfort due to our handpicked combination of anaesthetic treatments at the local areas.

The procedure is commonly carried out to lift and sculpt sagging cheeks and jowls and to restructure the brows, but can also be used across the body to refine the arms, stomach, inner thigh and knee areas due to its long-standing safety profile.

While the results of thread uplifting will be visible immediately, it’s vital to note that the treatment actually stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen – meaning the long-lasting results are completely natural, and absolutely pain-free. After three months, the final results will be visible and the threads will have dissolved, leaving you with a new, glowing structural support in place. The results will last up to 18 months, but the treatment can also be used preventatively to support your skin’s natural anti-aging defenses before wrinkles and sagging even occur. In these cases, the results may last much longer.

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Thread Uplift Testimonial

I am extremely pleased with the results so far and excited to see the best result which is in three months’ time.

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