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Designed to specifically lift and tighten the skin and deeper tissues, the Ultherapy procedure uses ultrasound waves to penetrate deep into layers of the tissue where previously only surgeons could reach, stimulating regeneration.

Ultherapy Treatment Snapshot



1 hr 30 mins.



Appropriate pain relief will be provided prior and even during the treatment.



Mild tenderness, sensitivity and possible swelling after treatment. Should be able to get back to normal activities within 24 hours.

Final Results

Final Results

Between 3-8 weeks you should start to see an improvement in skin tone, after a further few months sagging lessened and elasticity increased. Optimum results at 6-8 months post treatment.

Suitable For

Suitable For

Anyone with early sagging and laxity of the face particularly jawline, neck and forehead.

Ultherapy Treatment Overview

Dr Julia Sevi is a KOL for Ultherapy, and promises the best results from this treatment in the UK. Using the power of Ultrasound technology, Aesthetic Health’s Ultherapy treatment works to lift, tighten and tone deep skin tissues across the body with no downtime necessary.

Ultherapy utilises ultrasound waves to penetrate deep into the middle layers of skin tissue to stimulate collagen production and encourage regeneration. By using controlled heat energy at optimal depths below the skin, Ultherapy effectively initiates your body’s natural response to strengthen weakened tissue without damaging the skin’s surface.

Affecting layers of tissue this deeply has previously only been performed by surgeons through invasive surgical techniques, but due to Dr Julia Sevi’s extensive research and experience and the use of Ultrasound imaging, this non-invasive Ultherapy treatment is just as effective as other more invasive methods, without the painful risks.

Ultherapy is excellent for smoothing areas of cellulite and strengthening areas of low collagen levels, such as the legs, buttocks and arms. You’ll be able to see an improvement in your skin tone after only 3 weeks, and a complete transformation of your skin’s elasticity at 6 months post-treatment, with results being very long-lasting. The procedure lasts 1 hour 30, but with no invasive methods used, there’s no need for recovery time.

Ultherapy can also be used to tone and smooth the face and neck area. If you’d like to learn more about facial treatments, see here.

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